Can Ci Pin

The Defectives

by Priest


Mankind is born from faith, and will die for their faith.Mankind will be reborn from the fallen ashes of faith.


- JJWXC status: Complete, 197 Chapters + 6 Extras.
- Translation status: Complete.
- Genre: Sci-fi, Space Opera, Action, Mecha, +more


"Who will be the one to bury mankind, Orwell or Huxley? No need to give your answer so quick. Let's read a story first.When Lu Bixing, a hipster from the Eighth Galaxy, fell in love with a gangster called B4, he didn't know that his darling muffin was Commodore Lin Jingheng, the commander of Silver Fortress. As they knew each other further, the world changed dramatically: Interstellar pirates invaded the Interstellar Union. The nasty secrets about Eden emerged in front of them. Lu's pedigree was found to be unbelievably mysterious.
But all they wanted was each other, no matter how peculiar the world was around them.
In a sentence, it's a story about conspiracies and murders, gentlemen and villains, love and hatred.
Coming back to the question, the answer is: "Humans are born from belief, die of belief, and reborn from the ashes of belief." "

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Don't get discouraged by the sci-fi genre, this novel is accessible to everyone and can be read without any prior scientific knowledge!

Can Ci Pin might be directed towards the general public but it's not a light read.

PLEASE read the content warnings before starting!

Content Warnings

– graphic description of gore, near-death experience, character death, mass death,human experiments & human trafficking (children and adults), murders, physical violence, miscarriage, PTSD, mind manipulation, pandemic, torture, implicit sexual content, mental illness, sex slaves, referenced/implied cannibalism, drug usage, child mistreatment and neglect (mentions)

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more genre tags:

Outer space, politics, galactic war, angst, trauma, comedy (I might not seem believable after the previous tags but I swear it's very funny),
happy ending (trust me and Pipi), artificial intelligence, futuristic settings, dystopia, ruthless protagonist, space pirates, mystery, romance, power couple, smart main characters, couple growth


reading order suggestion: ch 1 to ch 13 by beans, then chapter 12 to 48 by gps translation, ch 49 - end by beans
eng tl by Beans (@69lulinbeans) main story complete; eng tl by GPStranslations up to chapter 100
Official korean version on ridibooks, first volume only
pt-br tl by Yan
ru translator's twitter account @nec_sol

Fun Fact: Can Ci Pin won two awards– 2019 30th Chinese Science Fiction Galaxy Awards (the most prestigious science fiction award in China) - Best Original Book
– 2019 Top Ten Best Searchlight Chinese Literature Books of 2019

HOW to access translation

1 go to the jjwxc site2 scroll until you see the chapters, and look at the first one, you will see a date that is in yyyy-mm-dd order, the privatter asks mm-dd-yyyy (mm=month, dd=day, yyyy=year)3 input the pw in mm-dd-yyyy order on the privatter4 READ at least the third paragraph where it tells you the password to access the chapters on the docs5 Scroll down on the privatter to access the docs with the files6 use the 3 numbers that you got solving the simple math equation, it's the same for all the files in the docslol if you made it in congrats, have a drink with Lu Bixing
if you didn't you will be shamed by Lin Jingheng, but will still be helped. Ask me on Twitter ONLY IF U REALLY NEED HELP AND ARE NOT JUST LAZY TO READ
if i don't answer i might be asleep or twitter just hates me and i don't get any notification :'D

Audio Drama


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Audio Drama s1

Audio Drama s3

Audio Drama s2 *

Audio Drama s4

* season 2 episode 2 at around min 20:25
season 2 ep 4 at around min 17:49
have a very explicit hetero porn scene (from a video they put on the station), so wear headphones!! Don't make the same mistake as me lmao

CharacterVoice Actors
Lin Jingheng - 林静恒Shen Lei - 沈磊
Lu Bixing - 陆必行Liang Dawei - 梁达伟
Zhanlu - 湛卢1st season, Han Yuxi - 韩雨希, 2nd s onw, Buliang Yan - 不良言
Lin Jingshu - 林静姝Huáng Yīng - 黄莺
Turan - 图兰Xiǎo Liánshā - 小连杀
Lu Xin - 陆信Shang Hong - 商虹
Lorde - 洛德Zhang Ke - 张珂
Woolf - 伍尔夫Liu Beichen - 刘北辰
Monoeye Hawk - 独眼鹰Zhang Xin - 张欣
Mint - 薄荷Wu Kaili - 伍凯立
White - 怀特Ma Yang - 马洋
Huang Jingshu - 黄静姝Huáng Yīng - 黄莺
Vitas - 斗鸡Li Zhuoting - 李卓霆
Saturday - 周六Xu Xiang - 徐翔

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– Ending song MV link


Can Ci Pin Manhua, expected to release starting July

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Main Characters

(This is my personal take on the characters)

Lin Jingheng - 林静恒 (MC)

– official birthday 11/1
– Ex-commander of the top space fleet of the entire universe
– Cold, reserved, foul mouthed, arrogant and kind of an asshole
– actually very soft and romantic, to
Lu Bixing only
"I'll come back as long as you're still here"
– very unlucky, the universe tries to kill him in every way possible
– Lu Bixing's sugar daddy.
– his brain is so sexy and not only that

Ship name: LuLin - 陆林

– Charismatic Dumb Space Baby Scientist x Calculating Space Mafia Boss Asshole
– 15 years age gap (I know it may sound a lot but humans can live up to 300 years in this setting)
– soft towards each other even before getting together, and they get even softer as time goes by
– realistic relationship with couple growth
– did i say soft yet? SOFT!
spoilers (drag to see):

Lu Bixing - 陆必行 (ML)

– official birthday 5/29
– the literal sun
– built a school, the Starry Sea Academy, to provide education to the poor youth of his home galaxy
– patient, persistent and bold, approaches romance with scientific reports
– has a huge crush on Lin
– his priorities are... peculiar
– best teacher anyone could wish for
– that kind of character that makes you want to say "I want to give this person the whole universe"

Zhanlu - 湛卢

– most powerful AI in the universe
– everyone's baby
– unintentionally funny and very talkative (LJH hates this feature)
– turns into a robotic hand when low on power
– likes reptiles
– saved in his database LBX's smut collection

Lin Jingshu - 林静姝

– Lin Jingheng's twin sister
– got separated when they were kids
– under that pretty face hides a mysterious, strong & powerful woman
– harbours contempt towards the current government and military

Turan - 图兰

– Elizabeth Cara Turan
– captain of Silver Ninth Squadron
– self proclaimed dating genius
– "My first profession is war, second is sleeping with men"
– gives tips to Lu Bixing on how to get Lin Jingheng

Monoeye Hawk - 独眼鹰

– Lu Bixing's dad
– has one different coloured eye due to an accident
– constantly fighting with Lin Jingheng
– “I would never give my son to you, give up the illusions!”
– one of the best dads in danmei

Character List

Main CharactersDescription
Lin JinghengEx-Commander of the Silver Fortress
Lu BixingA scientist and the headmaster of Starry Sea Academy, from the Eighth Galaxy
Eighth GalaxyDescription
Monoeye HawkLu Bixing's dad, famous munitions merchant
Huang Jingshu, Mint, White, Rickhead/VitasLu Bixing's Students from the Starry Sea Academy
Penny Local gangster from Beijing and a member of Black Hole
First GalaxyDescription
Lu XinRenowed Commander of the IU
MullerLu Xin's wife. Teacher.
Lin GerLin Jingheng's grandfather
Lin WeiLin Jingheng's father
Laura GordonLin Jingheng's mother. Past director of the White Tower.
Lin JingshuLin Jingheng's twin sister. (very sexc)
Gordon Secretary-General, Lin Jingshu's husband
Hubert WoolfInterstellar Union's Admiral
LordeLin's Vice Admiral. Black Orchid College graduate
LeeNew commander of the Silver Fortress
Silver Ten aka Lin's CircusSquadron
Lee FranFirst Fleet Captain
Poisson and Thomas Young Third Fleet Captains
AnakinFourth Fleet Captain
Liu Yuanzhong (pls don't forget him)Sixth Fleet Captain
Elizabeth TuranNinth Fleet Captain
BayerTenth Fleet Captain
Zhanlu (BABIE)Most powerful AI of the Union
Long Yuan, Cheng Ying, Chun Jun, Xuan Yuan, Gan Jiang, Mo YeZhanlu's bros
Wang AilunWoolf's secretary
AnkurA general from the 7th galaxy

Lin Ran - 林然
Lu Guo - 陆果

– LuLin kids
– Lin Ran is a pianist
– Lu Guo is enrolled in the military academy

– some fanart of them (all by goun):

Physical copies

Book + extras

– physical copy with Priest signature, student card on here– physical copy with Eighth galaxy citizen ID card here– Character stars here– Lin Jingheng keychain here– Lu Bixing keychain here

* Audio Drama set, Lin Jingheng keychain and the character stars are not available right now.

Audio Drama Collection set

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– CanCiPin Universe Historical Timelinelist of words to mute for no spoilersPriest interview (contains major spoilers) related to Can Ci Pin winning a Searchlight Award.If you like Priest's style and her tropes, you might really enjoy this book! Can Ci Pin is a compilation of all the themes she used in her past works (you can read more about this here).It might sound like people are forcing me to say this but I swear this book is just so good... I never put this much effort into a novel as much as for CCP. Please love LuLin and join our beautiful galaxy🌌Thanks to Cha for helping me make this carrd ♥The pics used are all from official art.

very short but very accurate description of ccp

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Reasons why you should read Can Ci Pin

– originality, top tier sci-fi, fantastic worldbuilding– balance between comedy and angst, captivating plot– relatable main characters and great side characters, powerful women– character growth and couple growth, brilliant philosophical discourse– non-stereotypical taller/handsome gong x smaller/cute shou


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